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Tannery Falls – Munising Michigan – Ultra Wide

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While visiting Munising and the waterfalls in the area, we decided to try to find some new waterfalls that we hadn’t found or seen before. Enter Tannery Falls. These waterfalls are not well advertised, and can be pretty hard to find, if you don’t know where to look. However, to find them, you’ll want to park in a little parking lot at the end of Sand Point Road, right near the intersection of H-58. Once you are parked, you’ll want to cross H-58 (watch out for traffic) and head to the set of stairs that lead into the hill, on the other side. Once there, you’ll see some signs that will tell you about the Michigan Nature Association. There are actually two waterfalls on this land, Tannery Falls, and Memorial Falls. Once you are there, you’ll see signs that explain a bit more about the falls, and what their purpose was, and how they got their name. (I’ll leave that information for you to discover for yourself.) However, being this was our first time seeing these waterfalls, Jess and I were ecstatic! We couldn’t believe how beautiful they were, nor how cool the cave was behind them. (Jess doesn’t like caves, so she was less excited about that than I was.) After taking a few pictures of the falls, we continued on our way to find Memorial Falls (which are dubiously marked as “M Falls”, which left us to mystery until some photographer friends told us their real name.)

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