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Sun Shining into the Porcupine Mountains Forests

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While I don’t remember exactly which trail this was on in the Porcupine Mountains, I still remember the moment when I captured this photograph. The sun was starting to set, and Jeff and I were on our way back to our car after a long day of hiking through the majestic woods of the Porkies. As I looked around, I noticed that the light was becoming really nice, and decided we should stop for a quick break and hopefully, this image. Well, as you can see, the light ended up just how I wanted it to, and I was able to capture this beautiful scene. The forests were so vibrant and lush, and the red earth just gave them an exquisite contrast that I instantly fell in love. This was on my very first trip into the Porcupine Mountains, and I’m always so glad that Jeff and I found this amazing State Park!

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