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Nonesuch Ruins Porcupine Mountains

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One of the many interesting places to find within the Porcupine Mountains State Park, would be the Ghost Town remains of Nonesuch, Michigan. You can find Nonesuch in the southern part of the Porkies, along the South Boundary Road, about four miles from Union Bay. (To find it, look for a sharp curve to the right while heading into the park, and a 30mph sign with an inconspicuous dirt road to the left of that curve.) Once you are there, you’ll see a few signs that will tell you the history of Nonesuch, and marking this historic spot.

Nonesuch used to be a prosperous little town between 1867 and 1912, while the copper mine was productive. During it’s peak, Nonesuch boasted a population of over 300 people, along with a school, post office, stage coach service, baseball team, boarding house, markets, and several other businesses that helped to support it’s growing population. However, once the mine started to fail, the town was quickly abandoned. Nowadays, when you visit, you can see ruins like these, as well as the mine shaft entrances (that are blocked off for safety reasons). It’s a peaceful hike to the ruins of Nonesuch, and visiting such an area definitely feels different than visiting cities that are still in use. Honestly, when you walk around the ruins of Nonesuch, it’s hard to see how 300 or so people used to live in the area, now that nature has almost completely reclaimed this small ghost town.

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