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Nonesuch Ruins in the Porkies

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If you’re big on history, don’t miss out on your opportunity to check out the historic Nonesuch ghost town in the Porcupine Mountains. Nonesuch can be found in the southern area of the Porkies, right off of South Boundary Road approximately four miles or so from the Union Bay area. It can be found, if driving in from the main state park entrance, right along the sharp right hand curve which leads to the Western boundary of the park. It is an unmarked drift road just to the left of that curve and is accompanied by a 30mph sign. Once you arrive in the area though, you will find a bit of signage which provides an abbreviated history of the ghost town and marks the historic area itself.

Between 1867 and 1912, the Nonesuch Mine area was home to a prosperous little town due to the copper mines upon which it was built. During it’s heyday, this town was populated by a little over 300 inhabitants and featured a school, stagecoach stop, a post office, boarding house, shops & stores, small businesses, and even a baseball team. This all came to a rather abrupt end once the mine started to reduce it’s yield. In it’s present day form, you’ll notice that nature has reclaimed much of what these townsfolk built. Though, you will find captivating ruins left over from this time period along with some (sensibly) blocked off mine shafts.

You’ll find the hike to these ruins to be easy going and quite peaceful. The ghosts of the past definitely give this attraction a much different vibe than anywhere else in the park. If you sit and peer around at your surroundings, it is not easy to see how 300 people lived in this town as nature has almost reclaimed everything.

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