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Morning Light Upon the Mountains

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My husband and I got up at about 4:45 am (Mountain Time) to drive out to Maroon Bells for the sunrise. We were greeted with a few other photographers who had no qualms of telling people to get out of their shots (lol) and a spectacular scene. However, the light started to change and got too bad to photograph the Maroon Bells themselves, so we decided to walk along the trail that goes around the lake. Once there, we were met with Aspens, waterfalls, and so much more! This view (when turning around towards the entrance to the Maroon Bells Park) was starting to get more and more interesting once the sun rose above the mountains on the other side. Once it did, we waited a couple of minutes for the sunlight to hit not only these mountains here, but also, the aspens. It truly set the scene on fire and was magnificent to photograph.

When you order this photo you will receive a print signed by Jessica Dobbs to hang in your home or office that will show you splendor of the Maroon Bells area in fall.

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