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Moody Blues at Miners Castle in Autumn

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As you may know by now, one of our favorite places to visit anytime we’re in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is Miner’s Castle. Why? Well, we are always seeing a different side of Lake Superior anytime we visit! Sometimes she’s as calm and smooth as glass, and other times, she looks so violent, that we’re a little nervous to be on the overlook boardwalk to even photograph Miner’s Castle! It’s amazing to see the different moods of Lake Superior, with the stark contrast of the solid Miner’s Castle always standing by, taking whatever Lake Superior throws at it. In this one, the sun was setting, and the water was a very beautiful deep blue (with some lighter blue tones mixed in.) The waves weren’t too bad, but they were crashing against Miner’s Castle beautifully. So, I took a longer exposure to really show the beauty in the crashing waves against the strength of Miner’s Castle. Taken by Jeffrey Dobbs.

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