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Horseshoe Falls Munising Michigan

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Bring the beauty of Munising Michigan’s Horseshoe Falls to a wall near you! This scene is perfect for your home, office, or anywhere that could use a touch of nature’s peace.

Horseshoe Falls is one of the easiest cascades in the Munising area to access.  Located on private property, this gorgeous spot does require a small fee for visitors to enjoy.  It’s well worth it!  We have stopped in a few times to soak in the calm harmony of this idyllic location.  Each time, leaving refreshed and ready to hike.  You’ll find this waterfall easy to get to… with a relaxing walk along a maintained path through the wooded area.  On site, you’ll also find a trout pond, so you can enjoy watching the fish fight with the ducks for the food (quite amusing).  You’ll also be able to read the bits of history and information they have placed along the path – learning a bit about the flora found on the premises as well

If you are into exploring waterfalls, you don’t want to miss out on our Munising Waterfall Guide. We take you on a tour to find beautiful and easy to access views in the Pictured Rocks area!  There’s honestly so much to see in the area. We thought it would be fun to outline some of the more popular waterfalls.  All of which, are within a reasonable distance of one another.

If you care to learn more about this particular location, visit the official Horseshoe Falls site here.

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