Autumn Lover Swans – Crosswinds Marsh




In 2019, near the end of Autumn, Jeff and I were hiking through Crosswinds Marsh. While crossing one of the boardwalks, we stopped to take in the scene. And, we noticed these two swans swimming close together, nearby. So, bringing out my trusty camera, I decided to capture them. Most of the time, one or the other, had its’ head under the water, so I had to be patient. Not that that was hard to do, seeing how beautiful the day was compared to the upcoming winter days. We watched these swans in mostly silence (we had our dogs, and they make a little noise sometimes… mainly panting lol), and when we were about to continue on the trail, they finally lifted there heads from the water at the same time. So, my very last capture of them, was this picture here. They had started to swim away from us, and I got this! Funnily enough, my battery died right after this shot as well. So it was not only my last capture of these lovely two swans, but also, for the rest of the trail. I really hope you enjoy the peace and serenity I have found in this photograph.


-Jess Dobbs

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Autumn Lover Swans - Crosswinds Marsh

Autumn Lover Swans - Crosswinds Marsh

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