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The Michigan Photography Store Grand Opening!
April 16, 2019
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Welcome to Michigan Photography

We would like to formally welcome you to the grand opening of our new Michigan Photography web store! This has been a long time coming for Jessica and myself. For several years we have been planning this adventure. A big part of this was building a portfolio of images that we want to share with the world. This website will entirely feature our passion for sharing the beauty of the world around us. As Michigan happens to be our home and, the part of the world that we love the most… You can expect many artistic portrayals of our beautiful state to be shared here. A little warning to go along with that.  we do enjoy traveling out of the state on occasion.  As a result you will also find images from those periodic adventures as well.

A Little About Us

Jess & Jeff of Michigan Photography
This site is the manifestation of the dream shared by these two lovers!

Since our little family bought their first camera, we have developed a deep love and passion for all forms of scenic photography. As a result of this love, either Jess or myself will take a camera with us nearly everywhere we go.  We don’t want to miss any opportunity! While we have been sharing our work on social media and other third party sites since our adventure started… It has long been our dream to have a site all to ourselves.  Allowing us to share and, sell our art to others who appreciate the beauty we share. This website is the manifestation of that dream!

Our Goals For Michigan.Photography

Our primary aim, and our focus will be providing our nature & city photography in the form of wall art and stock photos. We will be happy to provide our art to the general public, businesses, and even health care providers.  It truly is an honor to help anyone who wishes to adorn their walls or website with beautiful scenery from our gorgeous state. We will also accept special assignments, should someone have a specific project in mind. Our range of services will also include installation of your art if you do not have the desire or ability to do so yourself.

A foggy morning at Tahquamenon Falls
Expect iconic nature scenes from around Michigan!
Blue hour shot of Detroit Skyline from Windsor
You can also look forward to dramatic scenes of Detroit and other cities!

In the years that follow, you can expect not only beautiful art. Look forward to real-world reviews for equipment that we use, instructional posts for those who are also interested in learning the wonderful hobby of scenic photography, and in the near future, announcements for on-location tutoring and workshops. Those of you who want to learn a specific aspect or principle of photography will definitely want to follow along! You see, we do not simply want to share our own photography, we would love to share our knowledge as well so that others can enjoy this passion right along with us.

We are so excited at the notion of finally having a place of our own, dedicated to sharing love of Michigan and of Photography. We hope you enjoy being on this journey with us!

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