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O Kun-de-Kun Falls Featured Image

O Kun-de-Kun Falls Trail Photo & Hiking Guide

September 6, 2020
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Take a hiking trip to O Kun-de-Kun Falls!

Okundekun Falls (O Kun-de-Kun Falls) are located within Ottawa National Forest, on the Baltimore River. Notably, the trail is also a part of the North Country Trail system that spans several states from New York to North Dakota. If you’re looking to find these beautiful falls, you will need to head to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and head to Bruce Crossing. The O Kun-de-Kun Falls trailhead is approximately 8 miles south from there. There is a small parking area right off US-45. It’s a relatively easy hike to enjoy one of the tallest “plunge” type waterfalls in Ontonagon County. Definitely well worth the almost 3 mile round trip hike there and back. (more…)

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Old Baldy Trail in the C.S. Mott Arcadia Dunes Nature Preserve

Arcadia Dunes Baldy Trail Photo Guide

July 19, 2020
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Explore the Arcadia Dunes Baldy Trail in Michigan’s C.S. Mott Nature Preserve

If there is any place in the beautiful state of Michigan that holds a space very dear to Jess and my heart… It would be the Arcadia Dunes Baldy Trail. I’ll tell you why, a bit later in this post.  To start though, you can rest assured this amazing nature preserve holds it’s own simply based on it’s unique & delicate ecosystem, and it’s stunning natural beauty.  Enjoy this gem, right on the M-22 corridor.


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Holly State Recreation Area – Wildwood & Valley Lake Loop

November 21, 2019
Posted by

Holly State Recreation Area – Wildwood & Valley Lake Loop Photo Tour

When you think about the most iconic and notably beautiful places in the state of Michigan, chances are good that Holly is not the first place that comes to mind. While it is not one of the more iconic tourist spots, the Holly State Recreation Area is quite picturesque and beautiful in it’s own right. During the peak of color in Southeast Michigan’s fall season, Jess, Anoush, Duncan, and myself paid a visit to one of the trails here. This is what we saw! (more…)

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A journey through the Losee Lake Trail

Pinckney State Recreation Area – Losee Lake Trail Photo Tour

August 27, 2019
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Today’s adventure chronicle will be continuing our ongoing mission… To find new nature and seek out new trees.. Takes us to Pinckney State Recreation Area. This beautiful Michigan State Park spans two counties and several townships within Southeast Michigan. In Washtenaw County, the park rests in Dexter, Sylvan, and Lyndon Townships. In the Livingston County areas, there are parts of the park Putnam and Unadilla Townships. As you can imagine, this is a rather large area. 11,000 acres to be precise. We began our exploration of this park earlier this spring with the Losee Lake Trail.


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Jess & Jeff share their favorite images from a recent trip to the UP!

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Adventure

July 23, 2019
Posted by

It has been a crazy summer for both Jess and I. Unsurprisingly, we needed to have a few days to completely decompress. Our most favorite place to recover our sanity just happens to be a little slice of heaven located on the far Western reaches of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula known as the Porcupine Mountains. Or, as we like to call it… Heaven on Earth. (more…)

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Explore Bald Mountain State Recreation Area with Jess & Jeff of Michigan Photography

Bald Mountain State Recreation Area “North Unit” Photo Tour

June 24, 2019
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My favorite shirt ever, has the following phrase written on the back…
“I’d rather be lost in the forest, than found in the city.” As a city dweller trapped in a nature loving body, I often find myself yearning to be in the calm, quiet, and magical forests of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Since the drive to get a “nature fix” of that level is simply not feasible on a weekly basis, Jess and I have recently been on a mission to find some nature gems in the southeast region of Michigan.  Our first discovery this year… the Bald Mountain State Recreation Area!


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