Meet Jeff & Jess

Jessica Dobbs

Photographer | CEO | Owner

“The older you get, the more adventures matter.” 

Jeffrey Dobbs

Photographer | CFO | Owner

“Take a trip off the beaten path, at least once.” 


Hello! Thank you for coming here and checking out not only our artwork, but also our about us page! Just so you know, this is Jess writing this little bit here. Jeff and I are proud Michiganders. That means, we live in Michigan. Big surprise, right? Lol! But anyhow, we love to adventure around the lovely State of Michigan, taking pictures of things other people would simply drive by and miss. We also love exploring the world outside of Michigan, but we rarely have time for those extended adventures.

We are a husband and wife photography team, if you haven’t already guessed that. We have two rough collies (think Lassie dogs), and two cats. The cats are content to stay home, and miss all the fun and adventures. Where as, our two collies, Duncan and Anoush, LOVE adventuring with us! (And we love having them.)

Anoush (white) and Duncan (orange) are our two Rough Collie dogs, who adventure with us everywhere.
Anoush (white) and Duncan (orange) are our two Rough Collie dogs, who adventure with us everywhere.

One other important detail about us, would be that we love coffee. And I don’t mean like, love in a healthy way. Noooo, we’re talking love in the sense that it’s almost scary. One of my favorite jokes to tell about our coffee addiction, is that if you were to cut us, we would bleed coffee, and not blood. Haha!

We’re both very laid back, and are simply here for the adventure. We would love to take some adventures with you as well, if you’re ever up for it! Simply drop us a line if you are, and we’ll make the magic happen! And if you have a camera with you, even better! Jeff will be happy to show you how to take some badass pictures with it, and I’ll just smile and nod. (I’m not much of a teacher. Lol)

As far as Michigan.Photography goes, this is just another outlet for our creative sides. Jeff and I created this site to share our love of the world around us, with other like minded individuals. Definitely feel free to reach out to us if you are inclined to do so. We don’t bite… unless if you’re secretly a chocolate-dipped donut or something. Hahaa! Either way, have fun and enjoy our artwork store! 🙂


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While Jeff and I are both avid nature photographers, we are also professional Wedding and Portrait photographers. If you are in need of portraits, wedding or elopement coverage, please click the logo for our other company, Framed By Nature Photography, to learn more about our services for wedding and portrait photography in Michigan! We service the entire State of Michigan, and we would love to capture your most important memories! 🙂