Artwork for the Office

Reduce Stress

Office artwork that is based on nature photography simply provides a mental escape. It does this by tapping into the innate need for humans to connect with nature.


Humans have an intrinsic psychological need to connect with nature. Nature photos decorating your workplace allow your employees to fulfill this Biophilic need on the most basic level.

Project Support

We offer multiple levels of support which are specific to your organizations needs. We will provide as much or as little support as you need to decorate your workplace.

The Use of Nature Photography for Office Artwork

There is a good amount of evidence which shows just how much good having nature photography around the office can help. Being surrounded by nature based art is a great way to help with your colleagues stress levels and mental health. A life of at least being surrounded by bleak walls, cubicles, and the hum of fluorescent lights for 40 hours or more a week is not how humanity has evolved to live. Adding a bit of natural and colorful office decor can be literally just what the doctor ordered.

While the decor of your office might not seem to be something that should be the highest level of priority – studies suggest that your collective office productivity will see a boost if savvy business owners recognize this innate need.

Implementation of Office & Work Place Artwork

Whatever concepts you are visualizing… From arrangements containing multiple smaller images to large scale individual canvas prints, we can assist along every step of the way to ensure your vision comes to life. We have the ability to show you precisely what your space will look like with accurately scaled images placed in mockups to show you what our artwork will look like on your walls.

Should you like to do some reading about the research that has been done with regards to biophilic principles and EBD, we invite you to examine the links below!