Artwork for the Home

Wall Art

Nature Canvas, Metal, & Framed wall art for your home’s interior adds both color and a calming effect to any area of your living space. While our cityscapes add a dynamic touch.

The Choice is Yours

Regardless of your preferred display medium, we have it all covered for you! We have a wide variety of scenes that can be combined into a limitless number of combinations.

Michigan Nature & Cities

The vast majority of our personal artwork features landscapes and city scenes from around Michigan and the Great Lakes. However, you’ll find that we sometimes will also adventure outside of our “comfort zone”.

The Use of Nature Photography For Your Home

Wherever you may reside… Whether it’s in the city, country, or suburbs; there is simply no way around the notion supporting the positive mental benefit of being surrounded by the great outdoors. We all know that it is nearly impossible to be surrounded by nature and the outdoors at all times these days. However, you can emulate this by providing your home with decorative nature & city photography. While it’s not a replacement for the real thing, there are plenty of studies with supporting evidence proving the true and tangible benefit of being able to view the earth’s natural beauty at any time.

Implementation of Artwork For Your Home

If you need help with anything regarding the decoration of your home or apartment with our art work, we cordially invite you to reach out to us for assistance! We have the ability to show you true to scale photos of your walls with our artwork… Before you even receive your new art! We also offer installation services, should you require assistance in that regard.

Should you like to do some reading about the research that has been done with regards to biophilic principles and EBD, we invite you to examine the links below!