Artwork for Hospitals & Health Care Providers


The principle of biophilia is a concept that humans need and love nature, as well as the life it brings and supports.


The principle of Evidence Based Design accepts the notion that humans have an intrinsic need for nature and natural elements.

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The Use of Nature Photography for Hospital Artwork

Nature photography is the perfect medium for hospital decor. There is strong evidence in scientific studies to suggest that artwork which represents nature, clinically reduces stress levels of both patients and hospital employees. This is simply because humans have a fundamental psychological and physiological need to be interconnected with nature.

Modern design principles based on what is known as “Evidence Based Design”, are breaking from the sterilized and barren designs that medical facilities are often known for. Everyone who sets foot in these establishments will benefit from a design based around the biophilic principles based within Evidence Based Design. There is no doubt as to why nature photography is now becoming a more and more popular choice for decorating.

These design principles are becoming more standard as more awareness is coming to light about the dangers surrounding humanity’s near complete disconnect from nature. The positive influence of nature based photography in such environments, makes this medium of decoration a perfect choice for any healthcare facility.

Implementation of Hospital & Health Care Artwork

There is so much evidence surrounding the notion that our connection to nature is integral to our health and well being. As such it is not surprising to us that this element of interior design is becoming such an important aspect for designers and healthcare professionals.

Should you require advising on which subject matter we offer, is the most appropriate means at achieving the desired effect, we will be happy to assist! We can provide the best examples for integration within your current decor along with assisting in choosing the best artwork to achieve the desired effect.

We offer various choices when it comes to presentation. Our standard offerings on this site center around metal prints, canvases, and traditional photographic prints on photo paper. However, if you are looking for a start to finish type service, you are most welcome to contact us directly for assistance in achieving precisely what you need.

Should you like to do some reading about the research that has been done with regards to biophilic principles and EBD, we invite you to examine the links below!